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Debug performance issues down to a single line of code

Start profiling your apps in two simple steps

1Start the server
2Start the agent

Using Linux or Docker? Looking for Go or Ruby docs? Check out Getting Started guide.

Why Pyroscope?

Lightning Fast

Lightning Fast

Doesn't matter if you're looking at 10 seconds or 10 months of profiling data — the queries are always fast thanks to our custom designed storage engine.

Minimum Overhead

Minimum Overhead

Pyroscope doesn't affect performance of your applications, thanks to the use of sampling profiling technology.



Pyroscope uses a custom data storage engine and stores profiling data very efficiently, making it economically viable to store profiling data from all of your apps for years.



acme-production • running
4 CPU / 16 GB RAM / 40 GB Storage
globex-staging • running
8 CPU / 32 GB RAM / 80 GB Storage

Pyroscope Cloud

A fully-managed, continous profiling service powered by Pyroscope team. The fastests, easiest way to start using Pyroscope.

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