Grafana Plugins

Grafana plugins allow to add pyroscope flamegraph to your Grafana dashboard.

Grafana dashboard example

Installation Guide

  1. Install panel plugin
  2. Install datasource plugin
  3. Open Grafana ang go to Configuratin -> Plugins
  4. Check that plugins are available
  5. Set up data source plugin:
    • Configuration -> Data Sources -> Add data source
    • click on pyroscope-datasource
    • Specify Pyroscope host in Endpoint field: endpoint
  6. Set up panel plugin:
    • Add an empty panel on your dashboard
    • Select pyroscope-panel from Visualization list
    • Under panel view in Query tab select pyroscope-datasource
    • In Application name input specify app name
    • Click Applysettings

Congratulations! Now you can monitor application flamegraph on your Grafana dashboard! dashboard