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Grafana Plugins

Grafana plugins allow to add pyroscope flamegraph to your Grafana dashboard.

Grafana dashboard example

Installation Guide#

  1. Install the panel plugin
  2. Install the datasource plugin
  3. Open Grafana and go to Configuratin -> Plugins
  4. Check that plugins are available
  5. Set up data source plugin:
    • Configuration -> Data Sources -> Add data source
    • click on pyroscope-datasource
    • Specify Pyroscope host in Endpoint field: endpoint
  6. Set up panel plugin:
    • Add an empty panel on your dashboard
    • Select pyroscope-panel from Visualization list
    • Under panel view in Query tab select pyroscope-datasource
    • In Application name input specify app name
    • Click Applysettings

Congratulations! Now you can monitor application flamegraph on your Grafana dashboard! dashboard

Running latest plugin versions#

Grafana plugin approval takes some time, so if you want to run the latest versions you can do by:

Running grafana with the GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS environment variable with (broken in 2 lines for readability:);pyroscope-panel,;pyroscope-datasource

You can get the correct URLS by looking at our releases in the grafana-datasource-plugin repo and the grafana-panel-plugin repo

For example:


Using variables#

Since version 1.1.0 of the pyroscope-datasource we support querying using variables.

For example: query variables

Using authentication#


This functionality is available starting from

  • pyroscope version 0.10.0
  • datasource plugin version 1.1.3

Make sure to upgrade before you use this.

If you have user authentication enabled in the pyroscope server, you will also need to create an API key (ReadOnly role is sufficient) and specify it in the datasource configuration:

  1. Create an API Key
  2. In the pyroscope datasource config add the API KEY. If you are using config file provisioning the configuration will look like this:
apiVersion: 1datasources:  - name: Pyroscope    type: pyroscope-datasource    access: proxy    uid: pyroscope    jsonData:      path: http://pyroscope:4040    secureJsonData:      apiKey: MY_API_KEY