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This guide will help you install Pyroscope Server on Linux.


Pyroscope team maintain and sign packages for the following Linux distributions:

Download package:

Install with apt-get:
sudo apt-get install ./pyroscope_0.37.2_amd64.deb

To find out about other ways of installing Pyroscope, or to find packages for other CPU architectures (e.g ARM) visit our Downloads page.

Use systemctl to enable and start the service:

sudo systemctl start pyroscope-server
sudo systemctl enable pyroscope-server

Verify the installation#

After you start the server you should be able to open http://localhost:4040/ and see that pyroscope server is profiling itself (pyroscope.server.cpu application).


By default pyroscope server sends anonymized usage data to Pyroscope team. This helps us understand how people use Pyroscope and prioritize features accordingly. We take privacy of our users very seriously and only collect high-level stats such as number of apps added, types of spies used, etc. Source code for the analytics module is available on Github.

Next steps#

  • Authentication: Refer to Server Authentication page to learn more about how to Authenticate via Google, Github, Gitlab, etc.
  • Pyroscope server configuration: Refer to Configuration page to learn more about Pyroscope Server and how to configure it.