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Creating New Integrations

This document describe the steps one would need to take to create a new integration, meaning a new language or a platform.


There are two ways to integrate with pyroscope:

  • The fastest way to integrate with pyroscope is by using the HTTP API. You can start pushing data into pyroscope with just a few lines of code. Downside of this approach is that you'll have to manage certain things like sampling rate and upload rate yourself.

  • Alternatively, a new spy may be developed: this one is for you if your profiler comes as an executable or a C library that profiles other processes. This type of integration is more complex but comes with an advantage of not having to worry about sampling rates or error handling or uploading the data. In this case, the spy becomes part of Pyroscope Agent.

If you want to help contribute or need help setting up Pyroscope here is how you can reach us: