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Installing Pyroscope Overview

deployment diagram

Step 1: Install Pyroscope Server#

We provide a few different ways for you to install Pyroscope Server on Linux, macOS or run it in Docker. To find out about other ways of installing Pyroscope, or to find packages for other CPU architectures (e.g ARM) visit our Downloads page.

After you start the server you should be able to open http://localhost:4040/ and see that pyroscope server is profiling itself (pyroscope.server.cpu application).

Step 2: Start profiling your application using Pyroscope Agent#

Now that you have Pyroscope Server running you can start continuously profiling your own applications. Pyroscope Agent can be run on Linux, macOS, Windows and in Docker, and supports the following integrations:

We'll be adding more platforms soon, if you want us to prioritize one particular platform, create an issue at Github or reach out to us in our slack group.

Next steps#

The following topics may be of interest to you:

For a list of the minimum hardware and software requirements, refer to Deployment Guide.