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Docker Guide

This guide will help you set up pyroscope with Docker.

Docker Compose#

If you are using docker compose, you can simply describe pyroscope service:

---services:  pyroscope:    image: "pyroscope/pyroscope:latest"    ports:      - "4040:4040"    command:      - "server"

Then you will have to configure your Pyroscope agent to properly send data to the server.


Pyroscope Server perfectly works inside a Docker container. Running pyroscope server from docker is pretty straightforward, we have a docker image that exposes port 4040:

docker run -it -p 4040:4040 pyroscope/pyroscope:latest server

Open http://localhost:4040/ to see Pyroscope UI.


Check out the examples folder in our repository for examples of apps running in docker with pyroscope.